As a thank you for your dedication to Xtreme Lashes®, we implemented several business building loyalty programs. These programs are aimed at strengthening your skills, expanding your business, and growing your profits. We look forward to seeing you participate!
Xtreme Lashes Loyalty Programs

Professional Referral Program

Are you proud to be an Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylist and excited about your career? We’d love for you to share your story with friends. Simply spread the word and when your friend signs up for an Xtreme Lashes training program, you will receive $200 Promotional Credit and she will receive $200 off the price of the training she registers for as a result of your referral.1

Log into your Xtreme Lashes Account and click here to refer a friend.

Xtreme Loyal Lashista® Program

Shop more, save more, and earn more! With the Xtreme Loyal Lashista Program you can save up to 32% off the already discounted wholesale pricing on all application supplies and aftercare retail products. Participation is easy, you're automatically enrolled once you start shopping.

Under the direction of Registered Nurse Jo Mousselli, a team of professional Lash Stylists, chemists, engineers, and quality control experts, our team ensures that all professional application products, supplies, tools and implements, as well as compatible consumer aftercare products and cosmetics, go through extensive Research and Development and Quality Control testing for performance, compatibility, quality, safety, and longevity.

Purchase all your eyelash extension products and supplies from Xtreme Lashes to maximize your Xtreme Loyal Lashista Discount.

Call your Customer Success Manager at 877-244-5274 to learn more.

Purchase Branded Marketing & Advertising Materials & Sell Consumer-grade Retail Products to Sell to Your Clients

Retailing Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® cosmetics, skincare, and accessories is a phenomenal way to grow your profits and help your clients protect their investment in a beautiful set of eyelash extensions. Branded retail in her makeup bag and on her vanity also creates a subtle reminder to book her Relash™ appointment. Retailing is quick and easy; just add 15 minutes to each lash appointment and use our marketing materials to educate her about the benefits of our eyelash extension compatible products.

Participate in the Retail Affiliate Program

With the Retail Affiliate Program, when your clients shop on the consumer site of XtremeLashes.com and use your unique promo code, you will receive 20% of their purchases2 in the form of Promotional Credit and your clients will save 15% on their entire order as well! Also, did you know that your clients can stack your promo code with other Xtreme Lashes consumer promo codes when Xtreme Lashes is running a promotion? This ensures that you receive your promotional credit commission and she receives an even better discount.

To help promote Xtreme Lashes retail products and make the sale, invest in our Lobby Retail, Merchandising & Marketing Pack that includes a collection of retail merchandising displays, testers, and sellable products, as well as marketing materials to enable you to demo all the retail products in all the shades. After selecting the retail products in the right shades, your clients will shop XtremeLashes.com and make their purchase using your unique promo code enabling Xtreme Lashes to offer them 15% savings. Xtreme Lashes processes and ships the order directly to your customer and updates your account with 20% Promotional Credit that you can use towards the purchase of any product or training from Xtreme Lashes. Learn more.

Lash Stylist Directory™ Benefits

Receive free marketing support from Xtreme Lashes! Thousands of consumers visit the online Lash Stylist Directory every day in search of a Certified Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylist in their local area. To apply for the Directory call your Customer Success Manager at 877-244-5274.

Xtreme Rewards™ Program

Shop your favorite application supplies and retail products and get rewarded! With the Xtreme Rewards Program, you receive 5% of your total purchases in Xtreme Rewards points that you can redeem toward the purchase of training programs, as well as a wide selection of products including retail displays and marketing materials3.

For example, a $100 product purchase would result in 5 Reward Points. Those 5 Reward Points have a value of $5 which can be used towards a future order3. Also, stylists who purchase into the 20% through 32% Loyal Lashista discount tiers receive 1.5x or 2x Xtreme Rewards points. Learn more.

Gift Card Redemption

Drive more business to your door by redeeming eGift Card purchases made by consumers from the XtremeLashes.com consumer website!

Consumers who purchase an Xtreme Lashes eGift Card will be directed to visit the Lash Stylist Directory to find an Xtreme Lashes Stylist in their local area that accepts Xtreme Lashes eGift Cards for lash applications or Xtreme Lashes consumer retail products.4

Call your Customer Success Manager at 877-244-5274 to learn how to participate in the Xtreme Lashes eGift Card program.

Custom Co-Branded Marketing Materials

Achieve instantaneous recognition and credibility by using the nationally recognized and respected Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® brand. Custom Co-Branded Marketing Materials allow you to market your business name and logo alongside Xtreme Lashes business name and logo.

Utilizing these custom co-branded marketing materials will help you reach clients searching for Xtreme Lashes Certified Lash Stylists in your community.

Gain access to customized co-branded Xtreme Lashes marketing material (digital assets & print) upon signing the Proprietary Property Agreement (PPA) and meeting insurance requirements.

Call Your Customer Success Manager at 877-244-5274 to learn more.

1Some exclusions and limitations apply.
2Excluding tax and shipping. Review the Terms & Conditions for Product and Promotional Credit
3Excluding tax and shipping. Some exclusions and limitations apply. Review the Terms & Conditions for Rewards Points